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Detergent Powder Production Line

DETERGENT POWDER PRODUCTION LINE: Three kinds of plants can be supplied according to the required bulk density of product powder.

1. Plant with spray drying tower: The final product detergent powder from this kind of plant will have bulk density of 0.25 to 0.35.

2. Plant with agglomerator: mainly for producing high-density detergent powder with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.80.

3. Plant with both spray drying tower and agglomerator: combination of the technical advantages of above two kinds of plants, capable of producing both low-density and high-density detergent powders by one plant.

Manual or fully automatic computer controlled system can be used in the above-mentioned plants, depending on customer"s requirements. The capacity of the plants is 3,000 t/a to 200,000 t/a. The operation mode can be manually and computer controlled. The supply range is from renovation of existing plant to totally new plants. Environmental impact: no wastewater is drained to outside.

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