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Air Compressor System


AIR COMPRESSOR: As one of necessary auxiliary equipment for workshop, the air compressor need to be equipped single air compressor or air compressors unit as per different using purpose & consumption of pressed air.

According to pressure difference, air compressor has been divided to High pressure air compressor, medium pressure air compressor & low pressure air compressor, most equipments need low pressure air to supply pressed air for moving of pneumatic cylinder, Solenoid valve etc. the pressure need 5~10 Bar.

Low pressure Air compressor: two types:     Piston Air compressor

                                         Screw Air compressor

                           Using purpose: Movement of equipment

Customer can choice piston air compressor or screw air compressor as per own budget, Screw air compressor is more expensive, but it is more stable, low malfunction, low running cost, controlled by miro-computer, air pressure is more stable. Piston air compressor is low investment & low maintenance cost, but the shortage is high malfunction, need regular maintenance, the life is less of screw air compressor.

The pressed air need to be dried and filtered in accordant with actual condition of workshop and equipment, so most workshop need air compressor system attached air dryer and filter to match food grade.

Following is layout (working principle) of air compressor system



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