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Soft & Hard Biscuit Production Line


Soft/Hard biscuit production line is designed & suitable to produce all kinds of soft & hard biscuitbiscuit with fillingsoda biscuitdouble color biscuit thinnest biscuit and supper thinnest biscuit etc. The capacity is from 500kg~2000kg/hr based on different products. Fully automatically control production line.

Full line is composed by: three roll-cut machine →three-cut machine →overlapping machine →two roll-cut machine→ two roll-cut machine →two roll-cut machine→ rotary moulder machine→ transition machine→ separating machine →vertical/horizontal rotary moulder→ transition machine→ egg sprinkler →spreading machine with conveyer belt →into-sending stove machine(with salt and sugar gather)→ oven→ out-sending stove machine→ sugar sprinkler→ oil sprinkler→ second drying stove → cooling line →sorting machine →sorting console.




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