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Pure Water Bottle Filling Production Line


This series production line collested washing, filling, capping and packing machine together. It is suitable for kinds of beverage production, like juice, tea production, simultaneously only change some spare parts, then it can be used in the pure water, mineral water production line. It is easy to adjust for different size of bottles filled and packed. The whole production line adopts human-machine interfaces, touch-screen, PLC computer controller and other advanced technologies.

Technical parameters:
 Model  WRFC-12-12-5 WRFC16-16-5   WRFC-18-18-6  WRFC24-24-8  WRFC32-32-8 WRFC40-40-10  WRFC50-50-12
 Capacity(bph)(500ml)  3000--4000  5000--6000  6000--8000  10000-12000  13000-15000  16000-18000  20000-24000
 Applicable Bottle Type  Bottle Diameter:?50-?100mm; Height:150-320mm; Volume:330--2250ml
 Applicable Cap Shape  Plastic Screw Cap
 Applicable bottle molding  Bottle perform  Bottle blowing machine
 Applicable cap molding  Cap injection machine
 Applicable bottle feeding  Automatic bottle unscramble + air bottle feeder, manual bottle + air bottle feeder
 Applicable filling machine  Bottle rinsing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine
 Applicable labeling machine  Hot melt adhesive labeling machine, Sleeve labeling machine, Sticker labeling machine
 Applicable printer  Laser printer, ink-jet printer
 Applicable packing machine  Shrink wrapper, carton packer

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