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Carbonated Beverage Filling Production Line


This series production line is mainly used for carbonated beverage fill in PET or glass bottle. It combines bottle washing-filling-capping 3function in one body, the machine works rapidly and stablely. No bottle no filling, and the filling valve will be shuted off once the bottle leaking. Magnetic capping, the capping force is stepless adjustable. PLC controlling system, production capacity 5000-18000 bottle per hour.


Technical parameters:

 Model  CRFC-12-12-5 CRFC16-16-5   CRFC-18-18-6  CRFC24-24-8  CRFC32-32-8 CRFC40-40-10  CRFC50-50-12
 Capacity(bph)(500ml)  3000--4000  5000--6000  6000--8000  10000-12000  13000-15000  16000-18000  20000-24000
 Applicable Bottle Type  Bottle Diameter:?50-?100mm; Height:150-320mm; Volume:330--2250ml
 Applicable Cap Shape  Plastic Screw Cap
 Applicable bottle molding  Bottle perform  Bottle blowing machine
 Applicable cap molding  Cap injection machine
 Applicable bottle feeding  Automatic bottle unscramble + air bottle feeder, manual bottle + air bottle feeder
 Applicable filling machine  Bottle rinsing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine
 Applicable labeling machine  Hot melt adhesive labeling machine, Sleeve labeling machine, Sticker labeling machine
 Applicable printer  Laser printer, ink-jet printer
 Applicable packing machine  Shrink wrapper, carton packer











The key parts made of stainless steel. With a reasonable structure, advanced technology, easy operation, wide application and so on. Is the medium and small manufacturers the ideal beverage production line units.

 (1) The suspending bottle-necks cramping design makes the whole production line more stable during the working process and it also avoids malfunction caused by the difference of thickness and height of the bottle. This design also dramatically reduces the required number of changeable parts, makes it more convenient to change the types of bottles.
(2) The advanced technologies from Germany and Italy are introduced. Isobaric filling technology is used in this machine. Filling is quick and the amount of the liquid can be controlled accurately. Also, the beverage-holding tank is fully-closed and the CIP interface is installed.
(3) Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, and the power of screw capping can be adjusted step less. It can use constant power to screw the plastic caps and will not damage the caps.
(4) Horizontal swirl wind-power cap-managing device is used to avoid damaging the surface of the cap. And when there is shortage of caps in the caps storage tank, caps will be fed automatically.
(5) Human-machine interface touch-screen is adopted in this machine. The liquid level in the tank can be controlled automatically. The filling and capping will stop automatically when there is no bottle.
(6) Energy saving performance : the use of liquid level automatic control system
(7) All parts that have direct contact with the beverages are made of high quality stainless steel. And the main electrical components are from famous international companies.

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