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Juice Bottle & Hot Tea filling production line


The machine is specially used for pulp juice filling, it is consists of rinsing-pulp filling - juice filling - capping 4 parts or rinsing-juice filling – capping 3 parts(or customization), the piston filling machine is widely used for variety of bottle and jars, the filling volume is adjustable 250ml-2000ml. production capacity 5000-2000 bottles per hour.


Technical parameters:

 Model  JRFC14-12-12-5 JRFC18-12-16-5  JRFC24-16-24-8  JRFC32-18-32-8  JRFC40-24-40-10 JRFC50-32-50-12
 Capacity(bph)(500ml)  3000--4000  5000--6000 8000--10000  10000-12000  14000-16000  18000-20000
 Applicable Bottle Type  Bottle Diameter:50-100mm; Height:150-320mm; Volume:330--2250ml
 Applicable Cap Shape  Plastic Screw Cap
 Applicable bottle molding  Bottle perform  Bottle blowing machine
 Applicable cap molding  Cap injection machine
 Applicable bottle feeding  Automatic bottle unscramble + air bottle feeder, manual bottle + air bottle feeder
 Applicable filling machine  Bottle rinsing, filling, capping 4-in-1 machine
 Applicablelabeling machine  Hot melt adhesive labeling machine, Sleeve labeling machine, Sticker labeling machine
 Applicable printer  Laser printer, ink-jet printer
 Applicable packing machine  Shrink wrapper, carton packer


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